Q&A – NOIR over the ABYSS 2019

Below you will find answers to possible Questions you may have
as well as Questions which we received from you together with our answers.
Please notice that we will update it on a regular basis.

  1. Do I need an adult (18+ years) to accompany me?
    Everyone under the age of 14 needs an adult and a written permission from their parents.
    Everyone under 16 needs only the written permission from their parents.
  2. Which bag size can I take with me into the venue?
    Nothing larger then DinA4
  3. Can I take in my Lightstick?
    As NOIR does not have an official Lightstick for now, we can not allow you to bring any other Lightsticks with you.
    Only exception is the official overtheABYSS Lumiere Bracelet which you could order online.
  4. Can I buy merchandise?
    Merchandise will be on sale online until the 29th September.
    At the concert day we will have a small amount of Posters and T-Shirts for sale.
  5. Can I give NOIR a gift?
    ABYSS and DOOM DOOM ticketholder will be able to hand over their Gifts for NOIR in person during the Fansing.
    SERENADE, Early Bird and Normal ticketholder can hand over their presents for NOIR to one of our local staffs which will collect everything. Those presents will be given to NOIR backstage by a SkeyAce member.
  6. Will I get a number from you for the numbering?
    We will give everyone a number during the ticketscan. Please line up according to your number and categories within the venue for each Event (for example Fansign, Grouppicture and more)
  7. Can I bring my DSLR Camera?
    No, DSLR Cameras and all other professionell cameras are forbidden.
  8. Can I record the Fansign / Concert / Meet&Greet?
    Please do not record during the Fansign and Meet&Greet.
    You can take Pictures with your phone during the concert.
  9. Which Objects are forbidden?
    Objects like weapons, Selfiesticks, Pyrotechnic and more are strictly forbidden.
  10. What is the difference between HighTouch and High5?
    A High5 is a quick greeting in which two people will raise either one of their hands and clap them together.
    A HighTouch lasts longer and the members will take both of your hands.
  11. I’m planning a Fanproject (for example a Flag, Cake) what do I have to do?
    Please sent us your Project to: fanprojects@skeyace.de